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Green Doors at 7 Berkeley Road – a few key points

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Here’s a few specific details which seemed to be most interesting to our visitors:

  • If you have Solar Thermal (ie. solar hot water) then you should qualify for the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments when the scheme starts (it’s due to be later this year). However, Good Energy already have such a scheme (HotROCs) for their dual-fuel customers. Good Energy supply 100% renewable electricity (most energy companies supply it to only a few customers, and they’re obliged to do this anyway). You can earn £25 for Bristol Green doors if you switch your energy supplier to Good Energy, details here.
  • The 3w 220 lumen LED GU10 downlighter that many visitors saw in our downstairs loo was bought online from LEDBrite via Amazon here (I paid £4.42, the price is now £6.90 but it lasts 50,000 hours and uses 3w compared to 50w for the halogen bulb which gave very similar brightness and warmth of light – this will still pay for itself many times over). LEDBrite last lots of other bulbs and there’s *loads* of other online suppliers, check eBay for fixed-price buy-it-now offerings.
    LED bulbs vary, it’s worth seeing how a bulb looks before buying lots of them. A good local supplier that I’ve been using for years with a wide range of LED bulbs is Ablectrics on Gloucester Road.
  • If you’ve got more questions, read my detailed posting or get in touch

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