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Easy-build rocket Stove instructions

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I use a rocket stove for cooking and hot water, faster and more efficient than an open fire and can be used in rain and wind. It burns sticks (eg 50mm diameter) not logs. Here’s how I built a simple rocket stove.

Built from:

  • an old gas cylinder (make sure it’s 100% empty before cutting)
  • two bits of steel tube
  • vermiculite or perlite (for insulation)
  • fire cement (to seal gaps)
  • Nuts and bolts to fix top (eg M3 x 40mm, 3 off)
  • Nuts and bolts to stop feed tube being pushed in (eg M3 x 20mm, 2 off)

No welding required, drilled and bolted instead (but see possible improvements below).


  • Ensure no trace of gas left in cylinder (flood it with water for absolute certainty)
  • Cut top of cylinder
  • Drill a small hole in the bottom of the cylinder, for drainage in case rain gets in.
  • Cut hole in top for inner tube
  • Put top on cylinder upside down to measure length of inner tube required
  • Cut inner tube to length
  • Cut hold in cylinder for feed tube
  • Place inner tube in cylinder and mark position of hole for feed tube (allowing feed tube to tilt up slightly )
  • Cut hole in inner tube for feed tube
  • Cut tabs in feed tube to bend, these will stop it coming out
  • Put inner tube and feed tube in place, bend tabs
  • Drill feed tube for bolts to stop it being pushed in, insert bolts
  • Drill cylinder and cylinder top for bolts to hold top on
  • Seal around feed tube with fire cement where it passes through cylinder and inner tube
  • Fill cavity with insulation
  • Put top in place and bold down
  • Left fire cement dry as per instructions before lighting
  • Keep top and feed tube covered when not in use, if it gets damp it will be harder to get it hot and so it won’t burn as efficiently .

Photos of the rocket stove in use coming soon…

Possible improvements for next time:

  • Self-tapping metal screws might be easier than drilling and bolting

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