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Butcombe Woodland – directions and travel information


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Approaching from Bristol / Butcombe village – the layby is on the left (look for the telegraph pole)

Sat Nav: BS40 7UP will get you very close (this is the postcode for the nearest house; if you get there you’ve probably driven past the field entrance, it’s now 300m behind you).

If you can possibly find somebody else who’s going and get a lift with them then you’ll save a parking space (and some fuel).



Directions from Bristol:
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  1. Take A38 past airport
  2. Half a mile after the second airport roundabout, turn left (signposted to Butcombe)
  3. After 600m turn right; follow the road through Butcombe village
  4. Continue 400m beyond Butcombe village (towards Blagdon), layby is on your left.
  5. If you’re lost or confused call me on 07976 238591 – but mobile signal is very patchy so don’t rely on reaching me on the day.
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The lay-by has space for at least 5 cars if you park tight together but mind the ditch running alongside the fence). Our gate is the one on the right. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Park up tight to other cars or double-park if there’s not much space. There’s two gates off the lay-by, ours is the right-hand one (so try not to block the other one)


Get a lift

Other people nearby will quite likely be driving, so contact Gavin to find out who they are. Or even better, invite a car-owning friend to go with you.

Public Transport

The bus service isn’t great but it’s not impossible. You can take various buses run from Bristol (including the airport buses) and with one change reach the A38 near Redhill from where you have to walk to the field (40 minutes on country lanes and optionally footpaths, 1.6 miles). Check details on Travelwest Journey Planner.


From Bristol a good route could be via Long Ashton using National Cycle Route 334 (12 miles). You will be on some narrow and hilly rural lanes.