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Upton Bottom Woods – how to get there

If you’re driving, please see the note below about parking. There is limited parking space and it’s not okay to obstruct my neighbours, who own the driveway which I use to access the field. Thanks.

Google Maps
If you navigate using Google Maps then just ask it to take you here

Other Sat-Nav
You may get a bit lost if you follow sat-nav. It’s fine for getting to Upton Cheyney village but as soon as you turn into North Stoke Lane you should stop following your sat-nav, it will take you to a dead-end half a mile from your destination! The nearest postcode is BS30 6NG – use it as far as the top of North Stoke Lane then use the directions below (from  step 3).

Here’s the route from Bitton on Google Maps:

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”7ee4f9879eb2bba4f7cad6307b5f724596322ab2″]

Or see the map below:

The Field, Upton Cheyney.

Click to enlarge. The red line is driveway, the green field is your destination.

Cycle from Bristol: It’s about 10 miles from central Bristol. Take the Bristol-Bath Railway Path. You could continue to Bitton Station and from there turn left onto the A431 and follow the driving instructions (below). Carrie found a better route: you can shorten the journey by at least 10 minutes if you leave the railway path at Oldland Common and cycle on lanes directly to Upton Cheney (map of this cycle route: click here).

Cycle from Bath:  The nicest and flatest route would be the Railway Path to Bitton Station and then follow the driving instructions (below), it’s about 9 miles. A shorter route would be to follow the A431 from Bath (7 miles) or for extra hills cycle via Landsown.

Public Transport:
Bus services to Upton Cheyney don’t look great (and I haven’t tried them).  There a few options:

  • Train or bus to Keynsham then bus or walk or cycle to Upton Cheyney, it’s 3.4 miles. There are some footpaths which you can use but if you’re cycling stick to teh roads, there are kissing gates on the footpaths which aren’t bike-compatible.
  • Busses between Bristol and Bath which in Bitton (25 minute walk from the bus stop to the woods).

If you’re using sat-nav please read the note at the top of this page or you will get lost!!

Note that you can’t see the field from the road and it’s not sign-posted, the best way to find it is to read the instructions below.

Driving directions from Bristol are as follows:

  1. On the A431, drive through Bitton village and continue (towards Bath).
  2. North Stoke LaneTurn left (signposted Upton Cheyney) up the hill into the village.Pass the pub, pass a turning on the left (for Wick), take the next right (“North Stoke Lane”, dead end).
  3. North Stoke LaneDrive down North Stoke Lane for about 290m, where the road bends left you will find an open driveway on the right (with a sign-posted public footpath next to the driveway – but don’t confuse this with the previous gated field which also has a footpath).
  4. Driveway Look down the driveway, you will see two gates side by side about 10m from the road. Don’t worry about the Private Property and Dogs Loose signs, my neighbours (in common with many farmers) are worried about theft and prowlers.
  5. farm signDrive through the right-hand of these gates following the track to Pipley Bottom Farm (if it’s locked please call me 07976 238591). Please leave this gate as you found it.
  6. Follow the track for a short distance around a bend to the right. In front of you my gatewayis another gate. There’s parking space for at least 6 cars in the field – please drive in and park on the right.
  7. If there’s no parking space for you inside the field, please don’t park anywhere outside the gate as this is my neighbour’s private road. Please drop off your passengers/stuff and then turn around and go back to North Stoke Lane. Either turn right (away from the village) and after 125m you will find a lay-by with space for a couple of cars, or turn left and go back into the village (300m) to find somewhere to park.

If you’re lost or confused call me on 07976 238591!

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